Preparation for Sweet Surprise
Gurumayi's Instructions on Posture and Breathing
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Gurumayi designed these instructions specifically for you to practice in preparation for Sweet Surprise.

Siddha Yoga meditation teacher Meera Laube-Szapiro will be leading you through Gurumayi's instructions on posture and breathing.

Siddha Yoga meditation teacher and host Asa Siegel will speak about the significance of the Global Siddha Yoga Audio Satsang for New Year’s Day, Sweet Surprise.

Registration is not required for the Preparation for Sweet Surprise.

The first time you participate in this webcast,

  • Schedule a time that allows you to participate without interruption. The webcast is approximately 55 minutes in length.

  • Bring items to support you in sitting comfortably, such as a meditation cushion, asana, etc.

  • Have with you facial tissues, a water bottle, a journal, and pen or pencil.

  • You may pause the webcast at any time.
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