Logistical Information about
Pathways to the Madhya, the Source of Bliss
Meditation Sessions via Live Audio Stream 2016

  • Registration is required to participate in these meditation sessions.
  • When registering for an individual meditation session, you gain access to participate in the given session for one year, starting from the day of registration.
  • When you register for the full series of meditation sessions, you gain access to all available meditation sessions of the 2016 series, Siddha Yoga Meditation: Pathways to the Madhya, the Source of Bliss.
    • Access to the full series expires one year after registration.
  • The meditation sessions were held via live audio stream in 2016 and are available as webcasts on the Siddha Yoga path India website in English and Hindi
  • Please use up-to-date versions of the browsers Firefox or Google Chrome to participate in the live streams and the webcasts.
    • It is not recommended to use the Safari browser since in some cases the audio gets muted during the live streams.
  • Please read the commonly asked questions below for more detailed information about this series.

Preparing for Participation in a Meditation Session

How do I prepare for a meditation sessions?
Prepare for a meditation session of this series by engaging with Gurumayi's Message for 2016 on the Siddha Yoga path website.

How do I prepare for online participation?

  • In order to participate in an online event you need to register
  • Make sure you have the latest versions of both of the two recommended browsers installed on your device:
    • Firefox https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/new/
    • Google Chrome https://www.google.com/chrome/
  • For most mobile devices, the apps of these browsers are readily available.
    • Play Store for Android devices
    • App Store for Apple devices

How do I prepare the space in which I will be participating?

  • If you are participating in a meditation session from home, choose and set up a quiet space free from distraction, and where you will be most comfortable meditating and singing fully.

  • Set up your computer or computer speakers to allow you to hear the audio stream at a good volume.
  • The following are items to have with you for a meditation session:
    • A pillow or cushion to support your sitting posture
    • A glass or bottle of water
    • Journal and pen
    • You may wish to sit on a meditation asana, available for purchase through the Siddha Yoga Bookstore.

How do I prepare my body?

  • Practice hatha yoga, or other exercises that support physical strength and flexibility in the days leading up to a meditation session, so that you’re able to sit comfortably for an extended period of time.

General Information

How many meditation sessions will there be?

  • There are a total of nine meditation sessions in this series.

What is the length of each meditation session?

  • Each meditation session is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long.

May I register for the Meditation Session 2016 also in the year 2017?

  • Yes, the Meditation Sessions from 2016: Pathways to the Madhya, the Source of Bliss are available for registration throughout the year 2017.

In what languages will the meditation sessions be available?

  • The meditation sessions are available on the Siddha Yoga path India website in English and Hindi.

What is the registration fee and for how long do I have access to the meditation sessions?

There are two ways to register for Siddha Yoga Meditation: Pathways to the Madhya, the Source of Bliss - Meditation Sessions via Live Audio Stream 2016.

  • You can register to participate on line for the full series. Registering for the full series gives you unlimited access to all available meditation sessions for one year following registration.
  • You can register to participate online for each session individually. The purchase of a session grants you access to that session for one year after registration.
  • Registration for online participate can be on line or Offline registration

Location Information

Where can I participate?

  • Participate online via audio webcast on the Siddha Yoga path website. The meditation sessions from 2016 Pathways to the Madhya are not held in Siddha Yoga Ashrams, meditation centers, or a chanting and meditation groups in 2017.

Audio Webcast Information

May I invite friends to participate in the audio webcast in my home?

  • You may invite as many people as you like to participate with you, as long as they have all registered.
  • If participants register at home, it is your responsibility as the host to ensure that everyone has paid the registration fee.

May I participate in the audio webcast on a different computer from the one I registered on?

  • Yes, you may participate on any computer or electronic device with access to the Internet, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • To launch the meditation session click on the LAUNCH link in the mini site of 2016 meditation sessions on Siddha Yoga path India website and sign in with the same username and password that you have been provided with.

Audio Webcast Technical Details

Is there a recommended browser for the audio webcast?

  • The recommended internet browsers are Firefox and Google Chrome.
    • Please make sure you have the latest versions of both these browsers installed on your device so that you can test which browser works best for your streaming.
  • If you use another Internet browser ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

Is there a recommended Internet speed?

  • The minimum recommended Internet speed is 2 Mbps.

How do I change the visual quality of the streaming?

To change the visual quality of the stream:

  • Click on HD or the lines next to the speaker symbol in the lower right of the player respectively (see images below). A box labelled ‘Select Quality’ will appear.

  • Choose a higher resolution if the still images are flickering, and choose a lower quality if the stream does not load properly.

    The quality selection only influences the visual quality; the audio quality is the same for all settings.

  • See the image below for an illustration of the audio webcast player:

Audio webcast player

May I pause and rewind the live audio stream and audio webcast?

  • You will be able to pause, rewind and replay the audio webcast.

Technical Support

  • If you are having technical difficulties, please contact ebookstore@chitshakti.org